Surviving Festival Season


summer festival 2017

One of the many perks of summertime is an abundance of outdoor concerts, festivals, and events. But as idyllic as whiling away your days may sound, it takes a bit of forethought to do it right.

Heading to Rock en Seine, Melt Festival, or Benicassim this summer? Here are the staples you’ll need to make the great outdoors…well, great.

T5 Backpack in Blanco
T5 Backpack, Blanco $135

The Bag

The spacious and seriously hip T5 Backpack will securely contain your belongings with it’s external lock-zipper pocket and will give your festival outfit a little oomph. We think the Blanco (white) is perfect for airy summer ensembles, and easily wipes clean when dirtied. You can also try Noche (black) or Flamenc0 (red) if you’d like to go bold! 

F1 Expand Poncho, Orange
F1 Expand Poncho, Orange $38

The Poncho

Summer showers are inevitable, but they don’t have to get you down. Pack our reusable, compact Expand Poncho (available in Orange or Charcoal). It comes with it’s own attached zip pouch so once the rain stops, you can re-pack it and zip it up, before putting it back in your bag, to keep the rest of your things from getting wet. 

F1 Redeye Pak, Red
Red Eye Pak, $20

Emergency Travel Blanket, Charcoal
Emergency Travel Blanket, $30

The Sleep Aids

Camping out isn’t always the quietest affair, nor the most comfortable. Grab out Red Eye Pak and Emergency Travel Blanket for cozy times in the air and on the field. Bonus: the emergency blanket can double as a picnic blanket for downtime in the shade!

swell blondwood
Swell Blondewood 17oz Bottle, $35








The Hydrator

Fun in the sun can quickly turn into recouping in the nurse’s tent with an I.V. pack. Make sure to keep hydrated with a S’well Bottle so you don’t miss your fave headliner! You can also rest assured that your beverage will stay cool for up to 24 hours 😎 


go clean laundry purple
Go Clean Laundry, Purple $22

go clean shoes charcoal
Go Clean Shoes, Charcoal $28

The Pack-Away Bags

Dirty laundry has a tendency to pile up. Go Clean Laundry bags make sure to keep your smelly clothes away from your clean (or at least, still-wearable) threads. While you’re at it, maybe you should get one for those muddy shoes too.