Travel Experts: How To Stay Fit On The Road


Spring break will be here before you know it, and since you’ve been so good keeping that New Year’s resolution to eat better and get to the gym more often, why should you let your routine slide just because you’re heading out on vacation? We checked in with our very own resident travel experts to get their tips and tricks for staying fit on the road.


Blanca, logistics manager

I always travel with healthy snacks in tow to avoid suddenly feeling super hungry and making impulsive food choices.


Jamie, assistant store leader, Flight 001 New York

I recently got a Misfit step tracker, and it’s been wonderful at guilting me into walking 10,000 steps every day. Even on the laziest trips it still reminds me to put down the margarita and go for a walk. And the bonus is that you always find the coolest stuff when you roam around.

go clean gym charcoal




Jena, wholesale director

I am obsessed with Athleta workout tops and pants because they dry fast, have wicking properties, and stay fresh enough to wear a few times before washing, which is perfect for travel. I pack them in my Go Clean Gym Gear bag, and bring along my S’well bottle, and make sure to continue my workouts while I’m on the road.


Sierra, office manager

Hydration is key for me. As long as I drink plenty of water, I find I feel much better when I travel. Ahead of long haul flights I try to stay away from greasy food and opt for fresh fruit and veggies, but once I arrive in my destination, I try every new type of food I can find. Nothing is off limits.


Latisha, associate buyer

I rarely go out of my way for fitness, save for the occasional bike ride or yoga class. However, I have a difficult time finding kiosks that meet my dietary restrictions, so I do pack food when I go out of town—usually an assortment of dried fruits and nuts, chia bars, and jerky. Packing my own snacks keeps me from indulging in greasy or sugary food, and the money I save gets put to use on cool adventures in my destination.

fitness kit

Fernanda, web developer

No matter where I travel, I always try to include some sort of physical activity. I like to walk as much as possible and do outdoor activities like renting a bicycle to get to know the city. If I go on a beach vacation, I always make a point to go for a jog in the sand. Talk about a workout!

John, co-founder

I try to fit in a workout whenever and wherever possible on the road. I love this workout from the New York Times because it’s quick, but effective, plus it’s easy to do inside your hotel room. For trips when I know I’ll have more time, I take running gear and go for a jog whenever I have some spare time. And when I’m done, I throw my clothes in my Go Clean Gym Gear bag.


Keisha, assistant store leader, Flight 001 Brooklyn

It’s a must for me to have a bottle of water with me wherever I go. And when I’m getting ready for takeoff, I try to not have huge meals beforehand, and opt for healthy snacks instead. Little bags of nuts, yogurt, or fruit are all healthy and relatively easy to grab while I’m walking around and exploring.


Ashlee, store leader, Flight 001 Chicago

I stock up on dried mango, pineapple, and Lärabars from Trader Joe’s to avoid eating unhealthy foods at the airport. And if I’m heading to a beach or water destination, I bring my Tribord Easy Breath Snorkle mask that allows me to swim for long periods of time without having to come up for air.


Alexandra, marketing intern

Yoga is my exercise of choice, so I usually throw a portable yoga mat in my luggage when I’m on the go. I love hitting Yoga To The People classes when I’m in NYC, and it’s easy to find a YTTP class in cities like San Francisco or Berkeley. If no classes are to be found, I just do some simple postures in my hotel room.

yoga stretch