How To Travel Like A Pro

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Khán Hmoong

The thing about working at Flight 001 is someone from the office is always headed out of town. But besides their passports, what’s the one thing these travel industry insiders won’t leave home without? We asked around.


John, co-founder

My Spacepak set is as important as my passport when I travel, and my Bose noise cancelling earbuds are a close second. I never realized travel could be so Zen once you block out the ambient noise in the airplane. I keep them on in-flight, even when I’m not listening to music.

Fernanda, web developer

I won’t go on a trip without my Beats by Dre wireless headphones. I like that I can move through the airport easily, without getting stuck in my headphone wires, and when I get to the plane, I can easily connect to the in-flight entertainment. And to keep all of my devices charged, my powercube is always in tow.

Sierra, office manager

I recently picked up this gorgeous blonde wood S’well bottle and I absolutely love it for travel. Hydration is so important—and often overlooked—on long-haul flights, and the fact that I can use it for warm and cold drinks makes it all the more enjoyable. Because I like to be prepared, I also have a selection of pre-downloaded books and audiobooks that match the theme of my trip. Speaking of which, I need some suggestions for my trip to Scandinavia this spring.

Carly, eCommerce coordinator

I never leave for a trip without my Canon EOS Rebel T5i camera. Photographs are not only a great way to make memories and create keepsakes, but most importantly I love being able to re-live my past trips whenever I want, simply by looking back through my photos.

Betsy, eCommerce & merchandising director

I never head out of town without a series of Spacepak clothes bags packed for myself and my kids. I feel so lost and disorganized without them.

Latisha, associate buyer

The one thing I can’t travel without is my cat, Jiji. He’s my favorite thing in the world. He’s pretty adventurous and harness trained, and I hate going anywhere without him. I also need a great pair of headphones to block out airplane noise. I own about 10 pairs, but my Marshall Major II’s are my favorite.

Maggie, marketing manager

I can’t wait to travel with my new Kiss & Fly Kit. The makeup from Stowaway Cosmetics is just the right size and won’t take up a ton of room in my toiletry kit, and the neutral color palette works perfectly from day to night.

Jena, wholesale director

I always keep a Travel Emergency Blanket in my bag. I am always cold on flights so this is a lifesaver. Bonus: it’s lightweight and compact so it takes up next to no room, and it doubles as a pillow when its inside its case. It’s one of my favorite things!

Gisselle, staff accountant

I am obsessed with my Correspondent collection passport holder. It keeps me organized, and neat, and my important paperwork stays accessible and crumple-free. Love it.