Fool-proof Solutions for Weekend Getaways


Prioritizing for a long weekend getaway can be tough. Here are a few tips for packing problems!


If you tend to over-pack, maximize your carry on

Try this surprisingly spacious carry on bag. At only five pounds, the Avionette carry on is big enough to fit a weekend full of clothes and accessories, including that LBD and stilettos for dinner at the hottest restaurant in town.

Trying to squeeze even more? Pack in one of these handy Spacepak Clothes compartments. You’ll be able to compress up to two weeks of outfits into one on-board piece of luggage, giving you limitless options during your weekend getaway. 

avionette and spak


If you have to catch a redeye flight, catch some zzz’s





Pack an eye mask. Sleeping on a red-eye is great for keeping your internal clock on the right schedule and helps reduce jetlag once you land. Even for daytime flights, where your seat mate insists on keeping the window open the whole way there, eye masks will help you reach nap time in no time.


Want to explore your destination? Bring a backpack!


Once you land and unpack, you’ll want to organize stuff you need for long days outside of the hotel with a roomy but easy-to-carry backpack. We love the padded shoulder straps of their Stowaway Backpack so you’ll never have to go back to the hotel, even when you pick up souvenirs along the way.

stowaway backpack


And don’t forget your keys/tickets/passport…

seat pak full






Even on short-haul flights, personal objects like tickets, books, and maps can turn into a handful of lose-able, fall-down-into-the-seat-in-front-of-you messes. Stay organized from takeoff to landing with this grab-all pack, and you can focus on visits to great art collections or treks to local beaches.