Virtual Vacation: Warmer Weather at the Beach

Since the weather outside is frightful, here are 10 photos of warmer climes, blue water and soft sand to transport you on a virtual vacation to somewhere sunny. Share your own at!



bahamas shore with trees
Photo courtesy of A. Duarte

Bora Bora

bora bora pool on the beach
Photo courtesy of Olivier Bruchez

Tulum, Mexico

tulum coast line with palm
Photo courtesy of Christian Córdova

Bahamas (we can’t get enough!)

bahamas houses on the dock
Photo courtesy Valeria Almeida

Morrocoy, Venezuela

morrocoy coastline beach with branches
Photo courtesy of Silvia G.

Prickly Bay, Caribbean

prickly bay houses and lighthouse
Photo courtesy of Jason Pratt


curacao panorama dock and cove
Photo courtesy of Nelo Hotsuma

Montego Bay, Jamaica

montego bay houses hillside sea
Photo courtesy of Derek Hatfield

Okinawa, Japan

okinawa japan cliffside
Photo courtesy of Jonathan Leung