The Best European Aero-Entrees


You know the adage, ‘It’s not the destination, but the journey’? Well, we at Flight 001 tend to be pretty into destinations. (We do, after all, sort of fancy ourselves fans of travel.) But we’ll agree that a decent meal on the journey over makes arrival that much sweeter.

The problem? Not all airlines perform their dietary duties equally. Fortunately enough, recently released its annual survey results, naming the best in-air eats among long-distance European carriers. (They also looked at low-cost and short-distance categories, but unless you plan on doing some serious country-hopping, you’re less likely to fly those airlines.) Here’s what over 550 travelers had to say:

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5. British Airways

In an ironic twist, the country often ranked low in terms of global gastronomy fared quite well. Take advantage of the traditional afternoon tea service.

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Air France

The airline’s offerings extend beyond traditional Gallic cuisine—choices include continental, Italian, and seafood, all washed down with sommelier-selected wines. 

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Scandinavian Airlines

Not only are you served a three-course meal during the flight, but you’ll also receive either breakfast or a snack toward the end so you’ll never arrive hungry.

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The Russian airline doesn’t just list its monthly offerings online; it shows them. And…they look good. 

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They serve sushi onboard. Sushi. And caviar, beef rendang, and braised veal. Game over.