Stay Healthy During Your Flight


When cold season hits, an airplane is usually one of the last places you want to be, right up there with your GP’s waiting room or an elementary school cafeteria. And when you consider that the stay-healthy stakes are higher when you’re traveling, remaining ground-bound between October and April almost seems reasonable.

Fortunately, there’s no need to curtail your jet-setting ways in the cooler months—it just may take a bit more planning to maintain good health. We’ve got you covered with this all-inclusive, in-flight emergency kit list. 

Eye mask:

Sleep is the best defense against an oncoming cold, and darkness sparks drowsiness-inducing brain chemicals. Count on a good sleep mask to help you catch plenty of ZZZs.

Disinfectant wipes:

Sanitizer wipes kill 99.9% of germs, so you can give that tray table (and seatbelt clasp, and armrest) a quick swipe upon boarding. 

Vitamin C:

That sudden tickle in the back of your throat could spell trouble. Blend a vitamin powder packet with water to stop pathogens cold and boost your body’s immune response.


You might look like a surgeon ready to make a cut, but this clinical tool is a great shield for those times when the passenger next to you just will not stop sneezing/coughing/wheezing. 

Hand sanitizer:

Plan to eat some peanuts en route? Yeah, we thought so. Better keep a 3oz bottle of a moisturizing sanitizer on hand, then. Literally.

Ear plugs:

You’ve already blocked the germs from getting to you; now block out the background noise on board so you can rest up for the trip ahead.