Portuguese Phrases for World Cup

Portuguese phrases


Brazil-bound for the games? You and 300,000 other futebol fans. Get in good with the locals by mastering a few crucial phrases…or just yell more authentically from the comfort of your local bar. Here’s a primer to get you started.

World Cup

“Copa do mundo” (Kopp-ah doh moon-duh)

What time is kickoff?

“Que horas o jogo começa?” (Keh oh-rash oh dzoh-go koh-meh-sah?)

Could I have another beer, please?

“Mais um chopp, por favor?” (Maish oom shope pohr fah-vohr?)

What’s the score?

“Qual o placar?” (Kwahl oh plah-kahr?)

What team are you cheering for?

“Pra que time você está torcendo?”  (Prah keh tee-meh voh-see eh-shta tohr-see-end-oh?)

Kick it!

“Chuta!” (Shoo-tah!)


“Gol!” (Gohl!)

Hey, ref! Where’s the penalty?

“O, Juiz! Cadê o penálti?” (Oh zju-eesh! Kah-deh oh pehn-ahl-tchee?)

Who won?

“Quem ganhou?” (Kehn guhn-nyo?)

We won!

“Ganhamos!” (Guhn-nyamos!)

Let’s celebrate!

“Vamos comemorar!” (Vahm-oosh koh-mehm-oh-rah!)

Let’s meet at the bar.

“Te encontro no bar.” (Teh ehn-kohn-troh noh bahr.)

Want to really sound like a local? Brazilian futebol fans chant cheers during games. Listen hard and join in once you have it down.