How To Be A Global Citizen

Jacket icon courtesy of Ainsley Caulfield

To help kick off our 001 Country Per Year challenge, we’ve compiled a handy list of the top traits you’ll find in a 1CPY global citizen. Use it to self-identify or as a source of inspiration.


A global citizen will speak one or even a few languages well, but will know key words and phrases in many more.

A global citizen is open and interested.

A global citizen always has a bag packed for his next trip –– even when that trip is not yet planned.

A global citizen collects passport stamps, not postage stamps.

A global citizen feels more at home abroad.

A global citizen values mileage the way car collectors value a lack thereof.

A global citizen has more tiny toothpaste tubes than anyone you know.

A global citizen knows there’s no place like away.

A global citizen lives for the thrill of the unknown.

A global citizen believes that travel makes for a more connected world and a better person.