5 In-Flight Essentials for Every Sense


You know how you feel when you emerge from a spa? That’s how you can feel when you deplane. (Yes, really.) All you have to do is stash these essentials in your carry-on for a restful, multi-sensory escape. You’ll arrive feeling like you took a vacation before your vacation.




Flight 001 Contoured Eye Mask: Sometimes what you see isn’t as important as what you don’t. Give your eyes a rest and zone out with this mask—it’s molded to rest above your eyes, so it won’t press down on your lids. You’ll have more than enough to view upon arrival.


Flight 001 Air Supplies Ear Plugs: Drown out cabin noise and minimize ear pressure issues with these soft-foam earplugs. Slip them on and suddenly the over-sharer two rows back won’t seem quite so obnoxious…


Flight 001 Seat Pak: Our seat-back organizer holds everything you could possibly need during your flight: documents, electronics, gadgets… and yes, snacks, gum, and toothpaste, too. Toss a protein bar in along with your iPod and passport for in-flight fuel.


Essential Oil Set: The key scents used in spas for relaxation and revitalization are lavender and eucalyptus. Place a couple drops of the lavender oil on your temples or on your neck pillow as you take off, then a couple drops of diluted eucalyptus oil on your wrists or neck when you land to refresh and wake you.


Flight 001 Memory Foam Pillow: Our plush model features a memory foam base, so it holds its shape—and your head—better. Consider it your insurance against neck cricks—and this policy is zero-tolerance.