Tips for a Less Stressful TSA Experience



Rumor has it that the TSA will soon let us keep our shoes on when going through security. Until this rule-reversal goes into effect, though, wear easy-to-remove shoes (like slip-on sneakers, flats, or even boots with a zipper) and socks!

The quicker –– and cleaner –– you get through this step, the better for you and everyone else in the security line.

tech tip laptop and bag
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Tech Tips

If you’re traveling with a laptop or tablet, take it out of its sleeve and have it ready in your arms by the time you get to the security bins and conveyor belt. You may only be saving a few seconds of time, but everyone behind you in line will thank you. Our Seat Pak Pro is perfect for a quick-access tablet case!

metal detector bling

Jet off without setting off alarms

You never know what bauble is going to set of the metal detector. But that’s no reason to sacrifice your personal style when traveling. Pack your bling-y jewelry in a travel jewelry case and tuck it in your checked bag or carry-on.

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get your $%*# together

If you’re carrying a purse, make sure it’s cleaned out and not full of a million loose coins, receipts, bobby pins and tampons. Just generally make things clean and easy for yourself. Your mood will improve, if only for the simple fact that you finally cleaned that thing out. It’s about time! To keep track of your travel essentials (like your ID, boarding pass, rental car info, and whatever else), we recommend Seat Pak and Landing Pak, from our In Flight series.

Don’t neglect your negligées

The TSA loves to rustle through your suitcase, leaving you refolding underpants and pairing socks in the middle of the very public terminal. Our Spacepak packing system is the perfect solution, keeping your unmentionables out of sight and contained in their own tidy compartment.And our clear quart bags –– newly back in stock! –– are an excellent, TSA-approved solution for packing cosmetics and other misc toiletries.

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